Bridal hair and makeup is just as important!

Bridal hair and makeup seems to be overlooked a lot when it comes to your wedding budget but, in actual fact choosing the perfect bridal hair/makeup service is just as important as choosing the perfect photographer, bridal gown or venue.

After speaking with many women I've noticed a lot have not been happy with the way they look in their wedding photos simply because they cut back and went with a cheaper hair/makeup artist than the one they originally fell in love with. I'm not saying that all hair/makeup artists that are cheaper don't have a qualification or know what they doing but you will find majority don't know what they are doing or have not spent the time and money to educate themselves on product knowledge, different bone structures/complexions, eye/face shapes etc.

Look for a professional bridal hair/makeup artist who has a reputation for attention to detail to ensure your skin is clear and radiant with perfect bridal makeup applied in the right colours that suit your complexion and that enhance your natural features.

Remember it's one of the most important days of your life that you will look back on for years to come. Photos are forever.

Happy wedding planning beauties <3 much love